lunedì 12 dicembre 2016

Umberto Saba, "The Possessed"

The Possessed (L'ossesso)

I am the captive of one thought. Possessed
by it, while among the other men I live
(mere appearance), by it only I acquire
my being; to it I've given myself whole.

Which death is the swiftest one I often
searched for, to slip away, but won't succeed
for my courage is weak: I'll rather shun
suffering---I, who do not love myself

as you can see in my face, in my clothes.
Its seasons and looks the world does not change
in my eyes, with it all is just the same.

Shames only I got, and hopeless anxieties;
while, true, thanks to it I am a chosen one,
I soar through it above the human family.